Posted on 14th August, 2009

   CURB (Children Under Risk from Bullying)


 An Official Formal Complaint against schools/Headteachers, governors and/or LEA, for their appalling failure in their duty of care to an already vulnerable child is unlikely to make a difference!


Because those that stand accused are the investigators of the complaint against them!     They are the Judge at their own Trial; they are the Jury who decide the Verdict so they will always rule to “unanimously agree not to uphold any official formal complaint”!


It is a while since other local authority departments have had the authority to police themselves; they now have an Independent Complaints Council to which people can address their complaints. But it appears the education sector has not been brought into line with the other departments so parents are unable to obtain a fair and impartial hearing without the fear of schools/Headteachers, Governing Bodies etc. closing ranks!


There should be an independent council that can act on behalf of a child and the family that has the status and power to question and interview all school staff governors etc.!



Maureen Booth-Martin


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What Curb is proposing I think is a very good way forward. Having had two children of my own who suffered at the hands of bullies and identifying with Olivia's parents, I too found myself banging my head against a brick wall. For a complaint to be dealt with by school Governors (who's main priority is to keep the reputation of the school intact) is unacceptable.