When bullying has taken place, it is important for your child to know that he/she is not alone and that other children have experienced similar situations.   You need to try to reassure your child, as isolation and fear are two of the main issues your child may experience.


Whatever you as parents may be feeling it is important that you talk to your child, letting them know that they are loved and understood.   A lot of tender loving care may be needed during and after their experience.


Children react to uncomfortable situations in many ways: -


  • Your child may be very tearful, and your child's nature may alter
  • Some children withdraw into themselves


  • Others may present you with very challenging behaviour


These are normal reactions to a child that is hurting.

However: -


  • Do not judge your child for the change in their normal behaviour patterns


  • Continue to talk to your child and offer reassurance whenever possible


  • Always involve your child in any decision that may take place


  • Keep them informed at each stage with regards to what is happening


  • Allow them to talk about what they want to see happen


  • How they feel about any decision being made on their behalf


It is important for parents to explain to their children, the course of action they have decided to take and the reasons why and what you hope to achieve.