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Thank You CURB xxx
Well done Maureen you are a true inspiration and you give hope to the victims of cruelty, I am proud to call you my friend, you are a friend to everyone you give all and take nothing just like you did in school keep up your good work xxx
Keep up the good work in exposing this massive problem of "Bullying/Violence"from us all at Thank you
Keep up the good work from us all at at Tom Thumb.Thank you.
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Absolutely Fantastic Factual Report! Straight to the point, I spoke to Maureen this morning and she confirmed the report was live on the website. Chat to you soon Mo - Well done girlfriend you ever need anything and I can assist you call God Bless Trudy xxxxxxxxxxx
Beautifully written! I have yet to find any other one else that has been able to highlight a serious issue as school bullying while using factual stories and still managing to safeguard the anonymity of the child victims and their families. Brilliant
awe mo it is an amazing write up well-done hun and i haven't read Olivia or rhys stories it is clear the impact bullying is having on the kids and their mums and dads sandy x
Well said A Binding!!!! Mrs MBM you have done us proud AGAIN, but no surprise really love Jean xxxxx
Thank you once again for highlighting the terrible abuse our children are suffering in schools and our helplessness at trying to prevent this. You have, for the first time drawn attention to the long term effect that relentless "bullying" has on our children. This is something that you rarely hear about. The last paragraph of you report sums up how useless the whole system is,and again highlights the need for an independent body to stop the cover-ups that takes place in our school.
Many thanks for your hard work. Your report is a true representation from someone who is not afraid to "ruffle a few feathers" in order to get to the truth.
Thank You Maureen & CURB. You have been a God send. For the last two years we have been through hell. Yes we heard you Maureen there is still a long way to go, but no longer with a black cloud hanging over us and the pressure of of the world on our shoulders. The sun is streaming through and my son 13 year old is now wanting to wake up in the morning. Something he hasn't wanted to do for a very long time. The medical profession are now taking seriously that Simon want's to end his life because of this tormentors. I often wonder how the the school staff and the parents of the bullies/abusers sleep at night knowing their children tortured my child and they did nothing to stop it. May God forgive you all because I never will!
Warrior comes to our minds Judy, but well written and we agree with everything you have written. My family and I live in Scotland and our policies and laws are different from the rest of the UK, however, that did not stop Maureen finding out what we needed to know, but more importantly from the time I initially spoke to her and by the end of our first conversation I knew what it was like to laugh again. Christmas is not far off so a Merry Christmas Maureen and family and to all who read our messages. Annabelle and Co
Maureen Booth-Martin our Earth Angel --- CURB our Serenity ----- Thank You so much for everything. For the first time since we can remember (as a family) due to extreme Bullying of our middled child we have been caught in the deepest mist of fear for our child's Safety and Wellbeing. Thanks to Maureen and CURB we now see the light flickering at the end of the tunnel. A flicker of light that we throught was gone forever. Maureen you made no promises, you give us no guarantees, however you gave us hope and this in turn gave us the strength we nneded to sleep at night and want to wake up of a morning! All it took was Three Magic Words that you and CURB belived Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless you Maureen and CURB and look forward to speaking again in the New Year. Judy and family
Well said Michael, but cautious is needed! Giving any school and their governors the opportunity to pass the buck and blame parents for their pit falls, especially when most of the time it is the school staff who are responsible for the escalating of bullying due to their mismanagement of reported incidents and the schools inability to control the unruly little blighters and trust me I KNOW this is why I fully support an Independent Unit to address complaints. Patty StJohn Cardiff
I fully support an Independent Educational Complaints Council but parents of the buillies also need to wake up and smell the roses because while they continue to ignore the facts that their children are offenders of serious physical and mental abuse and the parents not correcting their chilldren will without doubt lead their children to becoming adult abuser but then maybe the bullies are already following their family traits ????????? Keep up the good work CURB
an independant unit is very much needed especially when a parent has a complaint to make against a school especially a headteacher or governors. My son suffered daily at the hands of his tormentors to the point he still self harms two years after I took him out of the school. My son still won't leave the house alone and has lost three years education because we could not find a high school outside our catchment area because of transport issues. Not once has my son school taken bullying seriously and making complaint against the school is a totally waste of time and the headteacher laugh in my face when I told him I was going to make a complaint. I was told because I was a single parent no one would listen to me. Go CURB Go you have my full support !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was advice by our community police officer to contact curb and it has been the best advice I have been given in over 18 months of hell. An Independent Education Complaints Unit is very much needed as schools and it governors are truly above the law!
Having heard good things about CURB I looked you up. Very impressed with web site and information available at the touch of a button. Independant Council is clearly a posistive way forward to beating the bullies. Good luck with your campaign.
I have read your report and find it very sad that kids are still going through the same sort of experiences as I did, (I'm 27 now). Well done for all your work and the support you give to these victims. I agree with your proposal there should be an independant body investigating bullying in schools.
I think this is a brilliant idea, i was bullied all through school junior and comprehensive, when i went and told a teacher i was told to stop telling tales and the time i told my mum she went storming up to the school and ended up making things worse, so i kept quiet, i used to cry myself to sleep at night and in the end i used to bunk off school so i didn't have to face the bullies, i also started binge eating and self harming, i left school over 10 years ago and what i went through still hurts even now, my son is 3 and is already being bullied and i dont want him going though the hell that i did i have told the school and they said they gonna keep an eye on things but they are so busy they cant keep an eye on it all the time bulling has to be stopped
I was bullied in school, when I approached a teacher it just got worse. I only told my parents when it got really bad. I did think about selfharming. My mum and dad did everything they could but the school just didn't listen to them. I wish I had never told mum and dad because I felt like the school was bullying them. I think someone outside the school should deal with bullying in schools the schools just wants to hide they have a problem.
I fully support your proposal for an Independant body to investigate complaints of bullying in schools. If this had been available to us when our daughter was severly bullied and the school decided there was nothing they could do but suggest she left the school. I for one would have taken my complaint outside the school and I am sure more could have been done to help our daughter. You have our full support
Curb are a brilliant charity and they do many good things for families and children who need support.
Maureen is such a wonderful person and both her and the charity deserve very high prays =)
Excellent Website, you are an inspiration to so many! Thank you for all your help and advice. You do so much for so many. May the Lord Bless you and Johnathon and keep you safe. - Take care and talk to you soon.
- Deb XXX
What an invaluable website Mo, a real credit for all your tireless work over the many years that has no doubt been a neccessity to vulnerable individuals & their extending families.Too often when a family unity are suffering the stresses of a child being bullied/victimised it often leaves parents/carers so desperate & often highly charged, combined with sheer frustration & desperation when their very serious complaints appear to be falling on deaf ears. Your work is paramount in assisting such families to find the strength & determination to continue with their fights for justice against bullying being physical, verbal or emotional providing the affected parties with all the information & guidance to help them make informed choices & decisions that hopefully ends with a positive result
Well done Curb volunteers and Maureen for a very good Annual Report. I hope your proposal for an Independant Coucil outside schools to deal with bullying issues is taken on board. I am pleased to say Chloe is much happier and settled at her new school thanks to all Curb's help and support. She is actually looking forward to returning to school in September. That's what I call a success story. Agian many thanks for the help and support. Luv Jayne xxx
I have just read CURB'S Annual Report It is a well written and thourough report and i encourage everyone to read it. I'm absolutely astounded by the way bullying policies are missmanaged in schools. I'm also very saddened by the fact that teachers choose to ignore the problem or are just totally apathetic towards the bullied victim. CURB has endeavoured to confront these issues head on and i commend Maureen Booth Martin for her determined efforts to irradicate this terrible problem in schools.
A Big THANK YOU to CURB and especially Maureen Booth-Martin for all your help and support when we hit our darkest hour what an amazing organisation and that goes equally to you Maureen Thank God for You anything we can do to help or assist you and your organisation you know where we are again many thanks Simon, Carol Steven and Emma xxxxx
Great work Maureen and a wonderful site for parents and children xxx
thank you curb and maureen for all your help the family and sara is much more settled and we are looking forward to a few days away see you when we get back

mary peter and sara xxxxx
well done i thought the information was quiet useful
thank you very much and keep up the good work CURB
Well done CURB the site is very easy to follow, keep up the good work xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx