When we read Polly and Casey comments I felt it clearly reflects the long term impact bullying has not only on the child, but also parents.  It has been 10 years since we found out our only child was being subjected to extreme cruelty by her peers. 


My daughter, husband and I are still struggling to recover from the nastiness of our daughter’s peers, but it was the manner in which the school handled our daughter’s bullying situation that left us deeply traumatised.  


All Children need to be safeguarded and children’s charities and the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child are endeavouring to achieve this and have our full support!


However, the difficulties children and parents face relating to bullying issues in schools lay much closer to home.  We urge everyone to read the founder of CURB Report 2012, especially the last paragraph, because it the first time in many years that we felt someone knows what they are talking about!

Elise and George Summons


Casey, I read your blog with interest however, I am not sure if you are aware the ban you are referring to did not extended to fee-paying schools until March 1998.  Therefore, my child not only suffered several beatings from his peers; the school equally took chunks out of him.

I wonder if the charities and United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child when pushing for the same legal rights for children as their elders will also included: - 

  • 'Children will face the same legal action against them as adults when they carryout unlawful acts weather they are in a school environment or not'

Polly Sullivan  South Wales




In 1986 corporal punishment in state schools was banned!  Pressure was/is being brought to bear on government in England and Wales for an outright ban on parents smacking their children and children's charities along with the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child continue to push for children having the same legal rights as adults!


However, not one of the above mentioned have made any reference in making bullying in school unlawful?  Hello is anyone taking this on board?


It appears it is fine for a child to physically terrorise a peer group member, but no one is allowed to discipline an out of control child who physically brutalises another because they can!


Wake up for goodness sake children need some form of discipline and understand boundaries to know right from wrong and no I don’t mean we should beat our children, but parents are getting to the point they terrified to look at their children in case they are labelled child abusers!

Casey Andrews Cardiff














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