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When it was decided to setup CURB’s ‘Forum Page’ no- one within CURB, (including me) was expecting to take delivery of such a colossal amount of emails/letters from parents who wanted to share their experiences on this site.


Due to the overwhelming amount of correspondence, it has taken CURB many months to read through only a quarter of what has been received.


However, on receipt of each email and letter, CURB has responded with an acknowledgement, reiterating the information originally sent to the sender who expressed an interest in publishing their story.


All communications receive a robust appraisal to ensure the anonymity of the child, the family unit, any third parties and/or places mentioned are changed for the protection, safety and wellbeing of all persons concerned!


During the process of reading through the emails and letters it became clear that a large number of the correspondence encompasses bullying not only within schools, but the work place and the home too!


While CURB and its legal team are continuing to work through the stories of bullying issues wherever this has taken place, CURB’s Team and I decided that I would focus on the topic of bullying within the home while the rest of the team continued to review the backlog of correspondence.


When bullying issues are highlighted via the media, it is often stated that “It is not only schools who need to address school bullying, parents have an equal role to play in educating their children, condemning any unacceptable behaviour towards their peers and others alike” and it can be confidently assumed the majority are in agreement.


However, the accuracy of the saying ‘Children Learn What They Live’ is all too regularly proven to be true!  Sadly in cases within a severely dysfunctional setup, this maxim can be totally lost!


The first stories to be published on CURB’s Parents' Page’ is the journey of two women (Karen and Annabelle) and their battle to survive bullying within the home and the diverse influence bullying within the home can have on a child!


Click on Parents' Page to read  Annabelle and Karen's Stories



God Bless

Maureen Smile x