Communicating with Your Child


Talking to a child about what is happening is very important.  Parents' need to incorporate, and discuss the good events that have taken place in their child's life giving them examples and opportunities whenever possible.


The above should assist in reducing the anxiety your child is possibly experiencing.


Both children and parents writing/keeping a journal: -

  • May help your child come to terms with their situation and can also provide a valuable resource in how your child and indeed how parents are coping.

CURB strongly believe it is never advisable to encourage any child to retaliate, however the following may help: -

  • Your child being taken to and from school by either parent and/or a trusted adult friend
  • Arranging for your child to stay within view of a member of staff during break times
  • Letting your child arrive at school a little later and leave school somewhat earlier than their peers

CURB’s understands the above options may not always be practical, from the families’ point of view and in some situations could be somewhat counterproductive (possibly resulting in further bullying of a child).


However, the above options may assist parents in the initial stages of becoming aware of their child’s plight and may assist parents in assessing and dealing with their child situation in a more productive fashion!



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