Annual Report 2008/2009

Posted on 22nd February, 2012

In my Annual Report 2008/2009 I took the unusual step of highlighting case histories of two eleven year-olds a male and female who attended local High Schools and their daily abuse by their peers and the handling of same by their schools.


Both Olivia and Rhys were removed out of their toxic environments some two years prior to the release of my annual report 2008/2009, the main reason being for their safety and wellbeing!


Since being removed from their insufferable schools both Rhys and Olivia have excelled themselves to the point that Rhys has secured an academic placement of ‘his choosing’ and started early September 2010 with Olivia not far behind following in Rhys’s footsteps!


Rhys contacted CURB recently to let us know that: -

  • “Even though I have only started my placement in the last few weeks the initial impact has been awesome and I am enjoying every seconded of it”

Rhys also informed us that during introduction week that he and his follow students were encouraged to discuss some of the topics that motivated and/or caused them apprehension.  Rhys discussed Bullying and the long term affects this form of abuse has had on him.  On reciting his plight and completing his chronicle of events Rhys received a standing ovation from his fellow students and tutors alike.


Even though Rhys was aware of others in his age group had suffered similar experiences of Bullying during their time in primary and high school he stated he was still: -

  • "Stunned to find how many of my new found friends/fellow students had also suffered extreme physical and psychological abuse by their peer and that their school did very little or nothing to alleviate their daily attacks.  I was also shocked to find how many felt as I did that the only way to stop the bullying was to take our life before the bullies did it”

Rhys also stated that: -

  •  Even though I am settling in I can honestly say I am enjoying education for the first time!  I am still very cautious, but I take each day has it arrives”!

Olivia wrote: -

  • I am feeling much stronger now thanks to my mum and dad, but it is still to painful to talk about what those bullies and that school did to me and my family, but I am looking forward to doing somethings now and going out”!

May I assure all the well-wishers whose encouragement and support have helped these two children and their families immensely through their traumatic experiences and I will undertake to continue to relay all good will messages CURB and I are still receiving to date on to the families! 


Maureen Smile

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